Sonya’s Dance Academy (or SDA) has been a part of the Hickory, NC community for 18 years.  We are a comprehensive dance and performing arts studio offering ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, tap, video jazz, acro-tumbling, and acting.  We are the premier studio in Hickory, NC offering aerial silks and fitness.

At SDA, we strive to give the best professional dance education encompassing theatre and aerial silks.  We do not consider our classes “recreational” but as training in the field of performing arts.  Instruction is always done in a positive atmosphere; emphasizing personal growth and boosting self-esteem.  We are a non-competitive studio, always teaching the artistry of dance along with strong technique.  We are not only instructors at the studio; we are artists that continue learning ourselves.  We understand that imagination is the key to creativity and that creativity leads to the fabulous stories on stage.


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